Worth visiting

Discover North Evia through its attractions and activities!


Sights - Museums

  • Historical and folklore museum of Limni
  • Folklore Museum of Agios (Aidipsos)
  • Silla Cave (Aidipsos)
  • Museum of Natural History (Istiaia)
  • Tower of Drosinis (Gouves)
  • Fossilized Wild Life Museum (Kerasia)

Other activities

  • The diving center of the Rovies to discover the beautiful and enchanting depths of our village.
  • Drymonas waterfalls, which are located a little below the Monastery of Saint David.
  • Dafnokouki waterfalls, which are located above the village of Ilia.
  • The Vriniotis winery, which is located in Gialtra village in a beautiful spot with breathtaking views. The winery is open every day of the year. The tour follows a unique path through the vineyard, the old wine press, the winery, the cellar of oak barrels and the ends in the tasting room, where visitors can taste wines.
  • Alpine Lakes. A former mining complex in Mantoudi, which has turned into a magnificent alpine landscape as 12 natural lakes have been created from the mining craters. A part of the lakes is located between Mantoudi and the village of Prokopi, in the place known as "Paraskevoorma", and a second part of them is located on the slopes of Mount Kantili, between Dafnona, Troupi, Kakavos, Spathari and Kalyvia .
  • Day trips from Peuki or Oreous to Skopelos, Skiathos, Allonisos.